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Business Strategy Development of Digital Labor Solutions Utilizing AI/RPA

Supported a Japanese major system integrator for Business Strategy Development of Digital Labor Solutions Utilizing AI/RPA

Background and Objective

・ The client had made its mission to address one of the social challenges in Japan, “work-style reforms,” with “the power of IT” that would fundamentally improve productivity of white-collar workers.

・ The client aimed to secure “channels to client” and to understand challenges clients face by AI/RPA solutions whose market volume would show a rapid growth in the short term. In the mid-to-long term, utilizing solutions of its domestic and foreign group companies, the client aimed to realize its digital labor solutions that would address clients’ demands RPA would not meet.

・ Rise Consulting Group developed the business strategy, the action plans for the next 3 years, and the financial plans of the digital labor solution.

Project Outline

Project Results

・ Identified targeted industries and candidates of solutions through market research/analysis.

・ Developed a feasible business strategy based on hypothesis verification through interviews to main stakeholders on demands/benefits of solutions.

・ Contributed not only to the development of the master schedule for the next 3 years, but also to the resource planning/securing budget by profit and loss simulation.

Contributed deeply to the early realization of New Tech business by developing feasible business plan and immediately doable implementation plan.

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